Hazem FEKI

12 Res El mansoura jardin d'el menzah 2 , ARIANA - 1013 ARIANA - Tunisia
36 years old



I love people and design. I am not special but I try to be a special person every day since I still thirsty for design and for being a best designer. Therefore, new challenge makes me interesting and exciting. I think now is the time to leave for my dream. thanks!!

Professional Experiences

Manager / Industrial designer


Since October 2010
ARIANA - Tunisia

IPTIK'ART is a strategic, award winning design and development firm specializing in creating business strategies and solutions through design. 

We provide our clients with innovative solutions and comprehensive expertise including: research, design and engineering, human factors, 3D modeling, brand communication and mapping, product/online interface, prototyping, and manufacturing implementation.

We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients. We partner to create tangible solutions that position their companies and brands, engage customer needs, and build competitive edge.

Industrial Design Manager / Naval designer


From March 2008 Till December 2011
TUNIS - Tunisia

• Design and monitoring of a new range of boats on behalf of the brand ESPADON • Naval engineering (Weight and center of gravity estimate all). • Développement a detailed production Drawings • Partnership Project management ( ESPADON boats and PACIFIC craft ) • Participation with the new range of boats in various international exhibitions: Boat Show La Rochelle, Barcelona Boat Show, Boat Show Paris.

Product designer / Naval designer

PACIFIC CRAFT ( yamaha france )

From April 2008 Till April 2010
Montfavet - France

Attend showings, and consult with engineering, marketing, production, and sales representatives to establish design concepts
Evaluates design ideas based on factors such as appealing appearance, design-function relationships, serviceability, materials and methods engineering, application, budget, price, production costs, methods of production, market characteristics, and client specifications
Active involvement in all aspects of ideation, design and the transformation of ideas to concepts, concept to products and product to platform solutions for consumers
Work with internal clients to determine the design requirements
Find creative compromises between Marketing driven product requirements and Engineering/Manufacturing limitations.
Brainstorming of ideas and create models
Design products with the needs and wants of a specific audience in mind
Work with design technology
Participate in product testing
Collaborate with others in the activity of ideation, design and design development.
Self manage and self motivate for high-priority tasks and projects.
Assure a variety of conceptual design alternatives are presented to satisfy user needs
Take a leadership position in effecting convergence on one or more final design approach
Assure required documentation is in naval design



From July Till September 2007
Tunis - Tunisia
• Prototyping of a Plexiglas aquarium. • Design and production of Plexiglas furniture (coffee table, Fauteuil, stool, and desk).



From February Till October 2006
tunis - Tunisia
• Designing a naval base based on the use of renewable energy source. • Integration of photovoltaic panels in urban architecture. • The creation and study of shapes of fixed photovoltaic solar panel in the strict collaboration of the polytechnic school: An energetic efficiency gain of 6%.

Modeling DESIGN


From June Till September 2005
BEN AROUS - Tunisia
• Chair with pneumatic suspension for bus drivers design. • Design of a new corporate identity (logo, corporate identity manuals).

Educational Background

Industrial Designer

ESSTED (High School of Science and Design Technology)

March 2008
BARDO - Tunisia
(Materials Technology, project methodology, prototyping technique, structures, marketing…)

Polyvalent designer

ESSTED (High School of Science and Design Technology)

August 2005
BARDO - Tunisia
Space design, graphic design, industrial design, design product, volume, color, terminology, history of art, technical of Communication ...)



June 2003
tunis - Tunisia
The natural sciences stream requires a high level in mathematics, physics & chemistry, and biology or, if available, engineering sciences.



• CAD: Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, Solid Works, Cinema 4D.

• DESIGN : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, in design  Macromedia.

• OS: Linux (Red Hat and Mandrake), Windows.

• Other: MS Project,MS Office, Turbo Pascal, HTML.



Native language





Personal Interests

Painting (watercolor, oil painting)

(watercolor, oil painting)Oil paintings of abstract art, fantasy art, landscape art, fine nude art, modern art.


spear fishing with employs modern and more effective elastic or pneumatic powered spearguns and slings to strike the hunted fish.

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